Announcing Userzoom’s first ever podcast

We are thrilled to announce the launch of UXpeditious: A UserZoom podcast.

UXpeditious brings you quick, insightful interviews with design, product, and UX leaders. Hosted by industry experts, Alfonso de la Nuez (UserZoom co-founder) and Dana Bishop (Strategic Research Partner), each 15-minute episode is packed with smart insights and ideas, from the greatest thinkers, leaders, and executives, across the digital experience industry.

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ALFONSO DE LA NUEZ: Every morning I check my smart ring app. Lots of cool tech in a tiny package. It tracks the quality of my sleep, monitors my heart, and tracks all my daily physical activity; even my body temperature, It’s always learning.

DANA BISHOP: Impressive…but I’ve got an even better one.  My car has the coolest feature, if I am driving around and feeling even just a little hot, all I have to say is, “Hey car, I’m warm” and the temperature will automatically adjust for me.

ALFONSO: That’s pretty awesome. None of these design innovations would be possible without thoughtful user experience research.

The UX industry is accelerating. Experts say that in just 30 years, the UX discipline will contribute $10 Trillion -- yes that’s trillion with a T-- to the world economy. Are you surprised?  

DANA: Not really, there isn’t a web interface or an app you touch, look at, talk to on the entire planet that isn’t somehow impacted by a UX professional.  

TEMITAYO OLASIMBO: How do I make the work of my researchers more efficient and my designers more efficient so that they can intentionally focus on the work of getting research done properly? It means sourcing the right platforms, being very forward-thinking and looking at what's going to happen in the future.

ALFONSO: Welcome to UXpeditious. I’m Alfonso de la Nuez co-founder and Co-CEO of UserZoom.

DANA: and I’m Dana Bishop, VP, Strategic Research Partners at UserZoom.  

ALFONSO: Over the next ten weeks, we will lead smart and digestible conversations with industry experts about all things UX.

DANA: Anything from industry trends, the real business value of experience insights, and navigating the evolution of product and design. 

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