Solutions for UX Researchers

Spend less time doing research, and more time generating quality UX insights

As UX researchers, you know that quality user insights are the foundation to making better, user-centric decisions around your digital experience. You also know that it can take an entire toolbox of solutions—and a lot of time—to get to those insights. That's why UserZoom gives you access to all of the research methods, participant sourcing capabilities and qualitative and quantitative data you need to scale and automate the process—so you can focus on creating better digital experiences.

Everything you need, in one place.

Whether you’re running quantitative studies or gathering qualitative feedback, UserZoom has all the solutions you need to help you triangulate your experience and gather the insights you’re after.

Plus, UserZoom’s unmoderated and moderated capabilities makes it easy to conduct the kind of research you need without having to switch tools—whether that’s in-person, in a lab, or remotely.


Recruiting made simple.

We understand that finding the right people for your studies isn’t easy. That’s why with UserZoom we give you the option to do your own recruiting with email invitations and survey links (unlimited and completely free of charge) or let us handle the heavy lifting through our intelligent sourcing engine.


Launch studies in minutes.

Our intuitive UI makes everything from creating and launching your study to analyzing results quick and easy. Build and launch your study in minutes with the help of a wizard-based builder, our vast library of project templates, and unique features that allow you to both duplicate studies and reuse tasks that you’ve created previously, across all of your engagements.


Share insights across the organization.

Whether you’re in the middle of an agile sprint and need to send the results of your usability test or you’re selecting critical video moments to show to stakeholders, sharing the results of your projects is as simple as clicking a button. UserZoom will automatically create reports that include UX and usability metrics, as well as any qualitative feedback you have captured.


Cloudify your lab.

Complement your current lab testing program with remote moderated or unmoderated research in UserZoom, to expand your research capacity without losing in-person interaction. Mitigate in-lab testing challenges such as cost, scheduling and metrics capture by deploying UserZoom in parallel to carry out high sample size research, rapid, iterative design testing and take advantage of the automation the platform provides.

In-lab usability testing
Professional Services Offerings

Help when you need it.

UserZoom’s Professional Services act as an extension of your internal UX team. Our highly experienced team has 200+ years of combined experience in the UX / CX space working for top companies and can help you unlock actionable insights fast at any stage of the product lifecycle.


Value you can prove.

Get buy-in for UX research in your organization with a proven UX insights solution.

Forrester Research conducted a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study and examined the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying UserZoom and increasing their focus on UX research:

  • 537% return on investment
  • $2.3mn in benefits over three years
  • An investment payback time of under 6 months
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